With the nice weather here, why not take advantage of it and get your kids outside and moving. You can incorporate learning the alphabet in a fun unique way that the kids will look forward to.

Since for this alphabet learning game we are dealing with the english alphabet and it’s letters, we will want to use 26 cards. One card for each letter of the english alphabet.

On each card, write each letter of the alphabet. You can use flashcards that are already printed with the letters if you have them.

Simply, hide each flashcard or card with the letters on them throughout your yard in various locations to get the children searching.

When a letter flashcard is found the children come and find the same letter on a sheet of paper which has all 26 letters printed on it. Have the children find the letter they found, on the paper and scratch it off and continue searching for them rest, until all letters have been found.

It’s that simple. This really gets children to identify and match the letters as they find them, slowly eliminating each letter.

Placing the Alphabet Letters In Order;

You should endeavour to have the children place each letter on the table in the proper order (eg.) A–>Z. This is a great way to make the children learn the order, or think of the order of the alphabet letters.

Rainy Day Activity:

This makes a great ‘rainy day’ alphabet learning activity for your children or the children in your care. You can do the same thing but hide the letters throughout your house or in your basement & have the children look for the letters and complete the same steps as above.

*You could even make teams of two or three children etc. You could time each team as they first try to find all the hidden alphabet letters and then scratch them off the paper and place them in proper order on the table. Of course, there is no losers, but everyone is a winner. This is just another possible way to make it fun for the kids.




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